What keeps you up at night? Do you need a system to address your needs?

The system is designed to serve you!

Whether it’s information and data systems that do not support your field work, a lack of integration with other entities you are required to work with, or feeling like you are the only one that has a need for innovative technology, SAFHER is designed with you in mind.

Here are some resources created based on your needs:
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SAFHER Development
One Sheet

The projects scope and development in brief.

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Public User
Explainer Flyer

A flyer that explains the value for current users.

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Promotional Video

Hear from SAFHER’s Governing Council.

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Testimonial Video

Learn about SAFHER from Food Safety Professionals.

The power of SAFHER comes from participation.

It is easy as sharing your current challenges and requirements as well as how your ideal system would function.

With your investment, we develop a system that advances your work by integrating what future systems will require. Your support of SAFHER will be critical to informing how national regulatory systems innovate and integrate.

The system is being designed with the you in mind.

Lack of consistency and coordination between states and organizations that do similar work often result in information gaps and duplication. SAHFER’s vision is a platform that provides consistent agreed upon criteria while meeting specific individual needs.